As with every purchase in life, it helps to know what is most important to you before beginning to browse. It’s all too easy to look at your neighbor’s shiny new vessel and think, I want exactly that! Don’t come to that conclusion without thoroughly examining what you really require in a boat design. Consult this cheat sheet to remind you of what’s really important at the end of this journey: ownership of the boat that meets your unique specifications.

While boat shopping:

  • Thoroughly research boat designs – Will you be entertaining the family on Saturday and heading out to catch fish come Sunday morning? Center consoles are ideal for both. We recommend you visit a boat show to get a clear picture of what it is that you want. Stand inside the boat; move around it. If a space feels too cramped, that boat is not the one for you. Ask the practical questions: Entertainers, where will those multiple coolers rest until you reach the sand bar? Is there an easily accessible bait well and rod storage? Make a list of necessary features and abide by it.
  • Consider a custom craft – It’s amazing how affordable a custom boat can be when it’s offered direct from the factory. Perhaps there are certain elements that you just aren’t finding throughout your search; that’s where a trusted manufacturer like Rabco Marine comes into play. With a custom boat, you also have the advantage of being part of the building process if you wish. Or you can just tell the master artisans what you’d like – and they’ll make it for you.
  • Search for financing – The boat manufacturer or dealer can likely help you with this.
  • Don’t forget insurance – Call a reputable marine insurance agency like W3 Marine to help with this one. Coverage will differ based on a multitude of factors; to ensure you’re fully insured but not excessively so, work with a professional to design your policy.

If you’re searching for a boat customization experience that takes all your wants and needs into account, call Rabco Marine. Their center console boats are known for superior craftsmanship. Boat shopping can be as simple as bringing that list of must-haves into our office and speaking with a craftsman who can design your custom boat. Contact us today at 727-744-3164 for more information.