There’s something so balanced about a boat that features a center console. The craft has a central point and a certain flow to the design; major components are situated in a single spot that’s pleasing to the eye. This console configuration is more than just a pretty face, though. Read below and learn why keeping it centered can make a difference in your fishing, cruising and overall experience out on the water.

Advantages of a center console include:

  • Easy access – We’re talking side, boat and stern. How important is it that you walk the circumference of your boat unhindered? Ask a person who’s finally hooked a massive catch and they’ll tell you the answer is very. A fish is not going to stay on one side of your boat just because a side based console is in your way. A centered console is not just a fishing perk, though: the ability to move freely around the boat at all times is a definite plus for pleasure cruisers. Easily mingle with your passengers instead of keeping them in front or behind.
  • Balance – Are you a lone captain? For those who like the peace that time alone on the water offers, a center console can feel more balanced than a side design. This means stabilization on those solo voyages.
  • Clearer visibility – Imagine you’re boating in a congested area – perhaps it’s the Fourth of July, and you and hundreds of other boaters are headed Downtown to view the fireworks. Navigating from a center console offers a clearer picture of potential issues. Sure, those boats are traveling close to your path, but from your center perch, it’s easy to quickly react to any changes in speed and direction.
  • The best of both worlds – You could convince your family and friends to join you on a fishing boat for a day out on the water, but they likely won’t be as comfortable as they could be. Without storage space for the cooler, it’ll rattle and shift on the floor; the seating arrangements will no doubt be cramped. Children will tiptoe around reels and hooks and undoubtedly moan about the lack of a T-top when the sun hits full-glare come high noon. What’s a fishing enthusiast to do? -Buy a center console, but not just any prefabricated one. Make sure that the boat you enjoy has all the features you need in order to keep passengers happy while still serving as a functional fishing craft.