We’ve been there: you’re on the hunt for that perfect boat that checks off all the boxes important to you. It’s easy to fall in love with a sleek, well-designed hull or hand-laid construction, but keep your eye on the prize. Some of the top questions boat buyers should ask before committing to a boat purchase include:

  • Does this boat fit in my budget? It stands to reason that setting your sights on a boat you can’t afford is painful, and it’s not just the sticker price of the craft that matters. Remember that boat maintenance can set you back 1-3% of the boat’s initial price tag. It’s going to need fuel, so factor in how often you plan to take it out on the water and multiply that mileage by the necessary gallons. Docking the boat behind your home? Congratulations, you’ve avoided marina and slip fees! If not, investigate what those will be. And don’t forget insurance costs (more on that later). It’s perhaps the most important accessory you’ll purchase for your boat – and yes, that includes the stellar fishing gear you plan to stock it with.
  • How well does this craft fulfill my ‘must-have’ list? Those who fish have a drastically different set of craft qualifications. For those who want to cast their lines and also entertain, a center console with storage and extra surface room is ideal. Picture what your days out on the water are going to entail and select your craft to meet those needs.
  • What type of insurance will I need? Consider marine insurance a safety net that covers you, your vessel and your passengers. It’s imperative that you elect the right type of insurance for your craft and its use. This question needs to be asked before you head out on the water – and asking a marine insurance professional is really the right way to go.
  • Am I finding exactly what I’m searching for? If not, there is likely no need to settle. Be open to the possibility of ordering a custom craft. Contrary to popular belief, a custom built boat can be affordable. Rabco Marine, for example, goes factory direct for their customers in an attempt to keep the price tag down. Features are fully customizable, including such highlights as 100% hand-laid construction, navigational lights, mooring cleats and much more. Plus, they keep clients up-to-date with the build process and invite them to be an active part of the build. For those who want to avoid a mass produced boat, this personalization is ideal.

Good luck as you embark upon your boat buying journey! We’ll soon see you out on the water. For more information about Rabco custom boats, contact us at 727-744-3164 or stop by for a visit. We’re located at 6561 44th Street North in Pinellas Park, Florida.